Hi everyone!

My name is Emanuele Corazzini and I created NovaBirra in 2008. Passionate about craft beers, I met audacious and innovative brewers of our regions. While talking with them I came up with the idea of giving brewing classes to share my knowledge of beer. Over the years many enthusiasts have discovered our brewing heritage by attending my classes. And for some people, NovaBirra has helped to realize their dream of creating and marketing their own beer !

Since 2011, I brew and sell my own beers: Big Mama Stout, Big Nose Triple, Holy IPA and Seed of the New Grace.

I also support projects from people who have attended my brewing classes. These collaborations lead to the creation of new beers:

I also organize beer tasting workshops and Team Building activities.

Cheers !

Emanuele Corazzini

About NovaBirra

Who is NovaBirra?

  • Created in 2008 by Emanuele Corazzini
  • Expertise on craft beer
  • Brewing workshop in Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium

Our activities

  • Brewing classes
  • Beer tasting workshops
  • Team Building activities
  • Creation, production and marketing of new beers in Belgium